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Carlyne and her Co-Facilitator (Marie) were fantastic to work with. I was searching for a session to enhance listening skills while building trustworthy bonds between the board members.  After speaking to Marie about what I envisioned for my board retreat, she and Carlyne crafted a unique virtual session for my group.  They were able to take a group of 40 people and make the virtual session personalized through visualizations and breakout rooms.  My board left the session prepared for the work ahead of us and ready to grow and learn from each other.

Christina Doyle   |  Admission Director

I worked with Bing (Carlyne) during a time when I was working and studying full-time and she was SO helpful in designing structured reflection time. She provided a variety of exercises and asked questions that really made me evaluate the work I was doing and how it jived with my values. She gave me important "homework" =) that I still do almost a year after our time together because it continues to be a helpful tool for reflection. Bing holds you accountable, but she does it with love and kind intentions. I can only speak from my experience, but I have a feeling that she is the type of coach that adapts to each client's needs and goals to create a unique experience for everyone. Highest regards to Bing (Carlyne)!

Kit Alviz  |  

I met Bing (Carlyne) 4 years ago through Holistic Group. At that time, I was searching for new possibilities in life, both in my personal and my professional life. Bing's coaching was positive because it was confidential. She was coming from a loving place without judgment at all.  She was able to mirror my thoughts vividly and listened what the underlying mood of what I truly wanted in life was. 

Coaching with Bing (Carlyne) was a great process, and it did clear the cobwebs in my head/body. We set up goals, and she held me accountable for it. One of the highlights was when I opened up my own chiropractic center. Now, I live happily with my family and independently own my practice. On that note, I am highly recommending Bing (Crlyne)  as a Life Coach.

Barbara Naud   |  Chiropractor

I met Carlyne Odicta - Kohner (Bing) in Spain; She was my Life Coach. Carlyne is a great professional who supported me in focusing and getting my priorities in a short period of time. I love coaching with BING because I learned some skills and tools to process my feelings and improve my projects. The impact was beautiful energy and positive relationships with all the people around me such as my loved ones, friends, and colleagues. It was because of BING's coaching that my life became easy. I was able to empower any person around me, tap my instruments within and use these in every opportunity in all aspects. The coaching helped me create and achieve my goals and visions in life. I want to recommend BING's coaching to everyone. Me ha encantado realizar mi coaching con BING porque he aprendido habilidades y herramienta para procesar mis sentimientos y mejorar mis proyectos. El impacto fue una hermosa energía y potencializar de forma positiva mi relación con todos que me rodean. Mis seres queridos, amigos y colegas. El coaching de BING convirtió en mi vida más fácil. Tuve la oportunidad de mejorar también me entorno en todos los aspectos de mi vida personal y laboral. El coaching me ayudó a crear y lograr mis metas y visiones de la vida. Me gustaría recomendar entrenamiento de BING para todos que quieren que su vida fluya en buenas energías.

Josiana Bernardes  |  

Having a ´life coach´ wasn´t something that I had ever thought about. I assumed they were for people who were maybe a little lost and therefore looking for direction, support, and guidance. I wasn´t wrong, but I thought I had my act together. I thought I was confident, strong, positive, and together – but boy, did I need a life coach!

What an amazing journey to go on, and with Bing´s caring, professional and beautiful energy, she helped me work through my fears, career, marriage, and family life and build on my future.  Each week we worked through facing the things that stopped me from moving forward. Bing used various techniques, e.g., visualization, brainstorming, and weekly homework, so you can focus on producing results in that time frame, amongst many other professionals and diverse coaching skills.

My journey (I call it that because it felt that way to me) was so positive and humbling.  Never before had I felt so calm and strong put together.  I couldn´t have known that by working through life in this way, one could place the energy in a more proactive and worthwhile way. This made my life feel complete and my heart whole.

I can´t thank Bing enough for taking me to all corners of my life and filling each segment with a 10/10!  This came with both of us, our hard work, time, determination, and complete open-mindedness.  

I highly recommend Bing to you if you are prepared to open your mind, eyes, ears, and heart and are ready to go on a journey to help enrich your life…. Are you ready?

Alison Jones   | 

My Life Coaching experience today was very great! I felt available to express my feelings and felt like Carlyne was there to support me in my life, in front of my eyes, and to realize who I am as a person. She heard me very well and paid close attention to every detail I engaged in the conversation. Now I can move on from a situation I was overwhelmed about, seeing it was not a big deal and seeing better things in my life happening; amazing experience! 😁

Alex Donis, High School Graduate

Carlyne, thank you very much from the LDSNHS community for sharing your precious talents of Coaching Training with our Teachers, Parents, Stakeholders, Community Leaders, and High School Students in its reals sense and time. I know you facilitated it well, as you touched the Participant's inner selves, changing their self-perspective inside and outside and valuing others, including their loved ones. Congratulations on a job well done.

Geroe A. Odicta

Principal 111, Leodegario D. Deocampo Sr. National High School

Capagao, Panitan, Capiz, Philippines

Carlyne is an amazing ADHD coach and has developed a nurturing and trusting relationship with my son.  She provides him with the structure, tools, safe space and caring ear for him to explore and grow.  As a parent, I am forever thankful for Carlyne and all she continues to do for my son.

Lorna Stearns

VP & HR Executive Advisor, HXM Value Advisory

Joan is a satisfied client from Spain. I was his Life Coach and using Heart-based Coaching, he was able to improve his life especially when making decisions.

I had the chance to cross paths with Bing (aka Carlyne) several years ago. She supported me go through some of the most important decisions I took in my life. I enjoyed her capacity to listen, going to the essentials to point out where and what matters with care and kindness. Even the most challenging topics were handled with grace and hard work to enable me to see my light in the middle of the shadows.

Joan Porro Martorell   |  Engineer

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