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What is coaching, and what does the Life Coach do?

Coaching is empowerment. My job is to support you in expanding your vision in life and be mindful that you are a whole-hearted individual.

How can you help me? What can you do for me?

We offer support, not help. Our clients are magnificent in their way. Our clients don't need help, but we believe all human beings benefit from support, collaboration, partnership, and a safe space to share and explore. 

How would sessions be broken down, and how often would I meet with my Life Coach?

We usually meet weekly with each session being tailored to the specific client.

What will be different in my life as a result of Coaching?

Our biggest goal is to support clients in achieving a new awareness of themselves.

FAQs Continued

What about confidentiality?

The coach and client vow a confidential relationship. The International Coach Federation (ICF) has standard Coaches' Code of Ethics guidelines -

Where would I meet with my Coach?

Our coaching sessions will take place via a live Zoom or a phone call if you prefer. 

What if I want to end my coaching engagement?

Your plan is designed specifically to Taylor your needs and are constantly changing the plan to meet your needs. We would appreciate a 1-month pre-cancelation notice.

More Questions?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to message me via the Contact Me page. 

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